Causes Of HP ProLiant And Dell PowerEdge Disk Failure

Posted on Thursday, January 14th, 2016 at 3:57 pm

Disk failure is very common now especially as the life cycle of many business computers come to an end.. If we talk about disk failure, then it is important to note that all the big hard drive companies design their hard disks in such a way that causes the minimum risk of failure. But sometimes because of negligence or even aging hardware, failures can occur. These tend to cause major data losses, which can be very harmful to a company’s bottom line.

server-drive-failuresSometimes the hard disk faces external harmful factors such as severe physical damage by heat or humidity. Sometimes the hard disk gets contaminated by virus attack that can corrupt the file system beyond usefulness. A data recovery service like this one can help. Whatever the reason is, you should always clean, check and repair the disk and file system properly in order to access the information that you have seemingly lost.

Sometimes the data is completely destroyed and in some cases, the failure is not extreme, and it is simply a matter of recovering some of the disk. When you’re talking about professional recovery, however, understand that recovery is frequently billed “by the hour.”

Steps To Fix The Dell PowerEdge Logical Drive Failed Error Message

If you have encountered a Dell PowerEdge “logical drive failed” message, you have to make sure that you understand the right actions to take to ensure the best possibility for recovery. As much as possible, before seeking the help of an expert, you have to know the reasons for the failure. Check the area where your computer is kept. It may have been affected by extreme heat, water exposure or shock. These three factors can often cause your hard drive to fail, especially because computers are not particularly resistant to these factors.

Next, determine if your computer is protected by an anti-virus software. The hard drive can be easily corrupted when there is a computer virus infection so better protect it as soon as possible in order to avoid a drive failure from taking place. Fixing these can be easy with RAID and server recovery experts like Hard Drive Recovery Group. Business level data recovery is their specialty, of course.

Data recovery software can also be helpful in some cases. It is important then, to know how to get this software for free or at a minimal cost. Always consider the fact that there is a possibility that your files or hard drive will be corrupted at any time, and taking measures now will help you down the line. Lastly, when there are problems with electrical wiring or other parts, make sure to consult the right person who can fix these issues. Take time to assess your computer’s issues, and you’ll be back up and running in no time.

Common Cures Done By Users To Fix Disk Failures

Logical disk failure can occur at any time. This is a common bug that is encountered in a large number of Dell servers that threatens total data loss and system failure. Many people try to repair the system with admin tools, but this often can be damaging. However, this is not something that can be corrected so easily without a thorough knowledge about the bugs in the system.

Firstly, the issue cannot be observed simply by running a software. When it comes to observance, any drive bug has usually already heavily damaged the system. Recently, an issue was encountered by my server when I observed that my downloaded Microsoft updates were taking a lot of time to install. Before applying the updates, I forced the hardware undergo several diagnostic tests and observed that both the lights of the hardware were showing a green color. Then I clicked on the “Install update and restart” option. During reboot, I discovered that one of my drives had failed as the lights began to blink.

From there, I called in professional help. It was all I could do, frankly.

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