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How To Avoid RAID Disk Failure

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dfaDisk failure can lead to various problems with not only your computer, but also it’s most important contents: your data. To avoid disk failure, it is very important to take some important steps in order to prevent your valuable data from disappearing from your rig. The most important thing when you’re talking about HP ProLiant disk failure is that these failures are unpredictable. Learn to take some important measures to avoid these negative events.

The first thing you should do to avoid HP ProLiant disk failure is to ensure the safety of the environment into which your computer has been placed. When we are using a computer, you have to remember that it gets warm because of the internal heat of all of the processors and parts. So try to makeĀ  the maximum space for the computer in the room and try to place it in a dry and cool place where there is enough fresh, cool air crossover. This alone will help prevent massive internal damage over the long run. Also, attach a monitor to the computer that will check its capacity and other important things that if ignored may lead to failure of the disk. A proper file security system must be installed to detect and clean up the viruses. This will also assist a lot in maintaining your RAID’s hard disk. To increase the life span of your hard disk, always be sure to keep a defragmentation schedule and back things up! These techniques will help your hard disk to survive for a long time. Read the rest of this entry »

Buses Cause Issues With Child Health

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bciwchWest Harlem’s Roberto Clemente Elementary School has a problem with busing – or, more accurately, with buses.

The school sits directly across the street from an entrance to the Manhattanville Bus Depot. Every day, 380 city buses cruise in and out of the station. They are joined in an almost constant parade by hundreds of garbage trucks, which rumble up and down the same street on their way to dump their cargo at the River Front Marine Transfer Station that sits adjacent to the depot.

West Harlem has become a dumping ground not only for New York’s garbage, but for several other ecological hazards – a practice cited as environmental racism by Vernice Miller, co-founder of West Harlem Environmental Action (WHE ACT). Exhaust from buses and garbage …

Sometimes, You’ve Got To Stand Up

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eaBelleville Township High School East in suburban St. Louis is not exactly a bastion of environmental awareness. We had an “ecology club” but my when my parents could not afford the 75 bucks they required for a wilderness weekend in Canada, I gave up on the environment for the time being. Instead, I decided I would either be the next Emily Dickinson or the first woman major league baseball player.

But when I got to college I got mad. There were so many problems with this country and the world, and I felt powerless to change anything. St. Louis University, a private college steeped in Jesuit tradition, is heavy on Catholic values and light on political activism.

I had never thought about doing anything even slightly political …

In Retirement, Benefits Aren’t An Option

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There you are, happy as a clam, handling the bills and letting your husband take care of the big financial decisions. Then he dies, or leaves you for a cutie pie half his age. What happens to the financial safety net you thought you had?

That depends. Here’s what every woman needs to know about getting her fair share in case she’s widowed or divorced.


If you’re covered under your husband’s employee plan:

hi1. You can usually stay in the plan for up to three years, at your expense, if his company employs 20 or more people. You’re charged the cost of the insurance to the employer plus (possibly) 2 percent. Don’t miss any of the deadlines! For example, you have to notify the insurer …

Activism With A Capital ‘A’

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awacaWhen I first applied to be part of the SAVE (Student Action for a Viable Earth) Tour I never quite envisioned myself getting up on stage and doing a rap song. But I realize as we travel to high schools across Canada that there are a lot of ways to hook students’ interest in activism and social change.

So if it takes expanding my musical horizons from usual range of classic rock to dispell the common attitude among young people that little can be done about the state of the world, then I’m all for it. After all, the popular media is packed with negative images. We are bombarded and overwhelmed by accounts of ozone depletion, global warming, deforestation, agism and sexism. The list could fill this …

Respect The Opponent, Make The Change

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Environmentalism is no longer a spectator sport,” says environmental activist Lou Gold, and we students of the 2010s emphatically agree with this statement. We are the generation of environmental custodians, the generation that must actively confront the environmental devastation willed to us by our predecessors.

nwfAs the program coordinator of GREEN, the environmental action organization at the University of Richmond, I firmly believe that our future hinges upon the recognition of the impacts of our actions. At GREEN, we believe that global society is interconnected and that the change we create here creates change everywhere. It is far too easy and far too arrogant to condemn the destruction of the rainforests in South America while our equally valuable ancient forests are falling at a much faster …